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Demand for reconditioned equipment is growing as companies become increasingly cost-conscious. Although shiny, brand-new equipment is pleasing to the eye and usually comes in perfect working order, it’s not always the most economically practical. Refurbished equipment is a good alternative that allows businesses to purchase kit whilst saving money on new investment.

Drinksflow offers several types of services to meet the requirements of the brewing and beverage industries for reconditioned equipment:

  1. We’ll refurbish your equipment using the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) spares. We have three determined service levels which means you will only pay for any work that needs doing. We will always contact you should any there be any work required outside of thee parameters before proceeding. Supplied with a 12-month warranty
  2. We sell a range of reconditioned equipment that is affordably priced and comes with a 12-month warranty for peace of mind. The majority of equipment is in stock and ready to ship. For more information, visit our Reconditioned Equipment page.
  3.    We’ll purchase your old or used equipment that you no longer want – this is typically paid at scrap value so that any parts that are uneconomical to repair can be disposed of safely saving you the time and hassle of arranging disposal.


In the case of most off the shelf refurbished items, they are available and ready to ship immediately. If you need equipment quickly, reconditioned products can help to significantly shorten the delivery time over the purchase of new equipment, which can often have an extended lead time. Alternatively, if you supply us with equipment that you would like to have reconditioned, we can usually perform this service within a few days, subject to the level of refurbishment required, which allows you to have the kit sat in your warehouse ready to use.


Budget constraints are a significant factor in deciding what type of equipment you can procure for your operation. While price can vary depending on the specification of the unit and the amount of reconditioning required, in general, a refurbished piece of equipment can save you up to 50% off the price of a newly manufactured one. Purchasing a reconditioned piece of equipment may enable you to afford something with upgraded features than you would have been able to if you were buying new.

Quality Guarantee

There is often a misconception of quality when it comes to refurbished equipment. Drinksflow offer the same warranty on refurbished equipment as new units. This serves as a guarantee that the “like-new” equipment you are receiving will run as expected. Our refurbishment program tests the reconditioned product against our new equipment standards, guaranteeing that it is virtually the same quality as a new unit coming off the production line, with full traceability for each step of the process.

Environmental Impact

Reconditioning equipment, or purchasing refurbished items, is a great way to be environmentally friendly. They offer a green alternative to disposing of a large piece of kit that still has life in it. As well as reducing landfill, it also saves on base materials and other resources needed to manufacture a new unit.

We also offer refurbished items!

We offer Refurbished Items!

Shop our online catalogue, or for more details on our services or further information, please call 07341 571670 or email – we’ll keep your drinks flowing!

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