Air Compressors

We offer a range of compressors to support your beer cellar. Air Compressors are built to operate at 100% continuous 7 bar pressure to ensure a consistent and reliable operation of ancillary components including up to 16 of our G56 beer pumps.

Bar Cask Dispense

We supply everything you need to serve a quality pint of cask ale, from check valves, brass or chrome cask hand pulls, sparkler sets for dispensing different types of ale, to almost any other component required to pull the perfect pint for your customers.

Bar Keg Dispense

We work with several high-quality manufacturers and supply several different beer keg dispensers to serve a refreshing pint of cold beer or lager, ranging from 1 to 6 dispense points per font.

Cellar Cask Dispense

We carry a range of cellar supplies from well-known manufacturers including cask taps, ale extractors, cleaning sockets and keg couplers. We have Primary and Secondary gas valves, fob detectors, check valves, and anything else required for your beer cellar.

Cleaning Bottles & Sockets

We supply all of the equipment needed to carry out the procedure of cleaning your beer lines. Our range includes cleaning bottles, alongside a range of different high-quality cleaning chemicals and products to ensure your beer lines, keg couplers and taps are hygienic and safe to use.

Python Tubing & Insulation

We carry stock most configurations of Python, various sizes of tubing and insulation to keep your beer flowing. Our Beer python is manufactured from the highest quality food-grade materials and is used to minimise the heat gain of your beer after it leaves the cooler up to the point of dispense.

Gas Equipment

Gas equipment is an important component to pulling the perfect pint, our comprehensive range of gas equipment includes fob detectors and gas regulators that help support your beer cellar equipment. Supplied from industry-leading manufacturers.

Under Counter Coolers

We supply under counter beer coolers with one or two product lines for those smaller bars where space is at a premium, or 10 coil remote coolers for much busier sites with multiple beer lines serving for long periods through the day.

Wood Trunking & Consumables

Our range offers everything from woodscrews and insulation tape, to melamine boards and trunking so that you can complete your installations to the highest standard.